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Joey Votto is bored and it shows

Who will give Joey Votto the chance to play an 18th season in the Majors?

The question arises because at the opening of spring training camps, Votto is still unemployed and if we rely on his most recent video circulating on social networks, the Canadian seems a little desperate.

Votto, 40, isn't the only one experiencing anxiety right now, as Matt Chapman, Blake Snell and Cody Bellinger are still looking for contracts ahead of the 2024 season, but in the case of the Canadian, the weight of the years could be a factor that works against him.

The man who has only worn the Cincinnati Reds uniform since 2007 is known to be a character and the fact of publishing a short video of him sadly installed in his vehicle inside a car wash demonstrates his meaning a spectacle. Votto ends his brief message by mentioning that this is not training camp.

All joking aside, he must not be happy with the situation, he who wants to pursue his career somewhere. The Reds, who have seen a resurgence of life in 2023, have reached an interesting level of maturity and performance and thrown in the towel on the veteran's case, ensuring that other members of the formation could easily take the lead. relay.

By the end of the pre-season game schedule, will a team want to add a left-handed stick with experience and the desire to make a difference? The answer is yes, because seniority is a rare commodity and is a useful ingredient in balancing forces.

Is Votto the right person to fill such a position? Some will say yes, while others question his true leadership. Normally, I would have placed myself in the first category, but Votto has played little in recent years and it is on the performance side that I have doubts.

Known as a good average hitter, he hit for just over .200 in each of his last two campaigns. At best, he could become a good backup hitter to use in specific situations, but at his age, teams may prefer to give the chance to a younger player who has the same skills.

The only Canadian team in the Majors, the Toronto Blue Jays would not be tempted to give him a sign? Even if Votto is from this city, the Jays have no obligation in this sense and I would be surprised if they call his agent, even if a good left-handed bat would not be a luxury in their case .

All that remains for the veteran is to train well and make himself visible to the leaders of the teams who will soon have needs corresponding to his skills and the energy he has left.

Good luck Joey and continue to take care of your vehicle!

Pascal Harvey

A long-time baseball fan, he knows his sport like the back of his hand.

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