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Matt Chapman would be open to staying in Toronto (and his family loves the city)

A few months ago, the Blue Jays knew that after the 2023 season, they were going to have big questions to ask themselves. After all, guys like Teoscar Hernandez, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Matt Chapman were going to become eligible for full autonomy.

The club solved part of the problem by trading the two outfielders in a process of rebuilding the outfield, but don’t expect that to be the case for the third baseman: Chapman will spend 2023 in Toronto.

When the Jays picked him up last year, we knew he was there for two years, but what happened next was unclear. Was he going to quit?

What you have to understand is that the Jays may have young people pushing for third base (including Orelvis Martinez), but for a club that is aiming for top honors, Chapman is perfect. Why?

Because he is the best defensive third baseman in the American. Because his stick is perfect for supporting big guns. Because it brings leadership to the group.

I’m sure the Jays would like to keep him long term. And according to Jeff Blair (Sportsnet), the third baseman would be open to staying in town.

According to Blair, the player loves Toronto and his wife does too. getting Chris Bassitt, a former colleague from Oakland, also helps.

And obviously the Jays are good.

That said, I have absolutely no feeling that Chapman is going to sign a contract extension any time soon. I always thought he was going to do his two years in Toronto and leave (Americans rarely sign long-term in Canada) after the 2023 season, but there, I amend.

I think he will become a free agent in a year and Toronto will be one of his favorite destinations. I see him potentially coming back to town, but I’m not ruling out a departure.

One aspect to consider is the fact that Chapman is represented by Scott Boras. And Boras, as you know, likes to establish the value of its customers in the autonomy market.

Since Rafael Devers won’t be a free agent next winter, the two most interesting options will be Manny Machado (if he uses his out option) and Chapman at third base.

Several clubs could be looking for a third baseman, driving up the market value of both guys.

And if Machado were, for example, to leave for New York (both the Mets and the Yankees, who will no longer have Josh Donaldson’s contract in their hands), California would be open for Chapman.

Matt Chapman is a native of California who played the first seasons of his career in California, in Oakland. And fast like that, I see the Giants, Dodgers and Padres (if Machado leaves) needing a third baseman in a year.

I’m not saying he will leave Toronto. He’s likely to stay, but it’s also possible the Jays have to move forward into 2024 without him. To be continued within a year, therefore.

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