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Justin Turner is fine after being shot in the face

This afternoon, the Red Sox won (again) in a Pamplemousses game. Things are going well for the Boston club.

The team also saw Chris Sale perform well. On paper, the club have little to complain about at the moment.

But Justin Turner just gave them a big scare.

The new player of the club received, during the game of the day, a ball in the face while he was at bat. He collapsed on the ground, which is not very encouraging.

A little later it became known that the player left by ambulance for the hospital. From that moment on, the concern escalated.

The Red Sox, however, announced in the final hour that he was under observation for a soft tissue injury and may have a concussion.

More tests will be passed.

We note, however, that the player is stable, alert and in a good state of mind considering the current circumstances.

For now, there is not much more we can do about it. If he has a concussion, time will allow him to heal and come back strong.

To be continued over the next few days, therefore.

  • The Blue Jays outfielders are adapting to their new surroundings.
  • The launcher dial does not cut revenue to concessions.

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