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Prospects: Blue Jays have two of the top 10 left-handed pitchers in the league

The future of the Blue Jays is now. It is from 2023 that the Blue Jays aspire to win the World Series with guys who grew up in the club’s subsidiaries.

Yesterday, it was guys like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette who were to form the club of tomorrow. But there they have a huge impact in the Majors – especially Vladdy.

That means no, the Blue Jays don’t necessarily have the strongest firm system of prospects in town anymore since the guys are graduating. In addition, management has not hesitated to exchange young hopefuls for immediate help for two years.

But does that mean that all the remaining hopes are not dominant? No, on the contrary: there are some very good ones.

Recently, MLB also revealed the league’s top prospects on the mound (top 10 left-handers, top 10 right-handers) and the Jays are well placed.

In fact, two of the top nine lefties are Toronto prospects.

Ricky Tiedemann is baseball’s second-best left-handed prospect. I recently profiled him here, but we’re talking about a guy who can make it to the Majors in 2024…or even 2023, if all goes well.

As for Brandon Barriera, he hasn’t started in affiliate baseball yet. He will make his minor debut in 2023 after being the organization’s first pick in the 2022 draft.

Obviously, they won’t be established starters tomorrow morning in major league baseball, but to see two good left-handers in the firm system is good, considering the Jays’ rotation is strong on right-handers.

It remains to be seen what the guys can accomplish in the future.

  • Damage. Josh Naylor will not play for Canada.
  • Nice tribute. Spencer Strider takes #99 in honor of Wild Thing.

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