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It took a while, but Marcus Semien arrived

It’s funny, the world of sports.

While the Texas Rangers were missing two important pieces (Adolis Garcia and Max Scherzer) in the middle of the World Series, the club responded admirably.

Yesterday, the Texas Rangers crushed the Arizona Diamondbacks in a game that finished 11-7, but was 11-1 at one point.

The Rangers became the first team to post back-to-back five-run World Series innings… and those 10 runs were made with two outs.

Obviously, the DBacks are to blame (Christian Walker first and foremost), but we have to tip our hat to Bruce Bochy’s Rangers, who are one win away from winning it all.

Corey Seager, who hit another home run, is obviously at the heart of his team’s victory. The guy is shopping for a World Series MVP title with a second team, a la Reggie Jackson.

But in this tenth straight win for Texas on the road in the 2023 series, we especially remember that this is the match in which Marcus Semien arrived.

It was time for the former Blue Jays to stand up and now it’s done. His two-run triple and three-run homer made the difference in the end.

Semien has eight RBIs in the series, including five yesterday and six in the last two games. He’s starting to wander off.

Without Garcia, it’s necessary.

The Rangers, who hit a home run in a 15th straight game, have been dangerous since the start of the series. But if Semien stands up for real, it will be even worse.

Tonight, at 8 p.m., Zac Gallen will try to avoid elimination. For the occasion, he will face Nathan Eovaldi.

  • If the Rangers win a game in November, only five franchises will not have won a World Series.
  • Jason Heyward wants another contract in LA
  • No big ratings for the World Series.

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