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Edwin Diaz’s (big) injury tints Puerto Rico’s victory

Last night, the match between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic was super important. After all, the winner of this duel between two great rivals would have the right to advance to the 1/4 finals.

The pressure was on the Dominicans, who were early favorites to win the tournament. A loss before the medal round was inconceivable for this dream team.

The club were also hopeful that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (who attended the game, by the way) would return to action for them with a win. But in the end, the formation was really not great on the sidelines of the loss of 5-2 against the Puerto Ricans.

The defense wasn’t there (Francisco Lindor notably drew nothing less than an inside home run) and the offense didn’t do its job often enough in the game. The club left many runners on the trails throughout the tournament.

Obviously, you will understand that the Puerto Ricans were really happy to win against their rivals. They exploded with joy on the field after the rescue of Edwin “Narco” Diaz.

But quickly, the party turned into a nightmare. Diaz fell to the ground and his right knee was unresponsive causing everyone to hold their breath.

Puerto Ricans were mourning the loss of one who is a leader of men in the locker room. His brother Alexis, who started badly yesterday, was crying hot tears in particular.

It was a sad sight.

THE closer of the Mets got out via a wheelchair. It really wasn’t the ideal scenario for the Puerto Ricans, but especially for the Mets, who say the pitcher gets rated.

I have a feeling it will be a (very) long absence.

Obviously, it was an accident (it could have happened anywhere…and the Mets have already practiced their celebrations in training camp), but let’s say for a club like New York, it’s a disaster in good and right. due form.

After all, Diaz is the best pitcher in the bullpen, he just signed a $102 million contract and depth on the mound is already being tested in camp. This is not what the club wanted.

Also remember that the starter Jose Quintana will miss at least half of the season. Are the Mets going back to being the Mets of past years?

It threw a damper on a tournament that is truly exciting for the fans. It’s a shame, but it’s part of the sport.

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