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Carlos Correa file: the same specialist advised the Giants and the Mets

The crazy odyssey of Carlos Correa which led him from the Twins, to the Giants via the Mets to finally return to his place of origin will have caused a lot of ink to flow.

Confiding in Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic about his harrowing 29-day journey across America, Correa just can’t believe it was the same medical specialist who advised the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets and convinced them not to not make a long-term commitment to him due to ankle surgery in 2014.

According to Correa, the fact that his performance has not suffered from this operation, while evolving in a position which is very physically demanding due to a multitude of movements, says a lot about the reliability of his ankle.

How can an individual who has never examined him in the past eight years make such a decisive diagnosis for the consequences of his career, when several specialists working in the entourage of the Astros and the Twins have spoken positively since? his operation.

Fortunately for him, the Minnesota Twins, who had a favorable medical opinion before signing Correa to a one-year deal in 2022 and whose health was not in question at the time of his departure, have repatriated the latter by signing him on a long-term basis.

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In the eyes of baseball fans who closely follow the activities of the Majors, Correa gave himself the appearance of mercenaries and did not improve his popularity rating with them. Correa is good, very good even, and he knows it.

In order to find answers to his mad escape of the last days, it might be necessary to turn to Scott Boras, Correa’s agent. He’s the shark in the aquarium. The Mets, Giants and Twins didn’t get a gun to their heads before offering a gold bridge, you might say, and you’re right, but Boras is in full control and he’s mastered it perfectly. the workings of his profession. In the end, the players he represents rarely come out losers in the negotiations concerning them and the duration of the agreements are most of the time monstrous.

Back with the Twins, Correa must “settle” for a six-year contract worth $200 million, where he can prove to the leaders of the Giants and the Mets that he is in perfect health. Too bad these three teams do not play in the same league and the same division.

Proof that things were looking good for him in anticipation of a change of uniform, Correa had discussions with Brandon Crawford (Giants) and Francisco Lindor (Mets), a question of taking the pulse and seeing what his role would be in to come.

With Crawford, the discussion revolved around Correa being destined to take his place at shortstop, while with Lindor, it was more about the newcomer’s transition to third base.

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Knowing that the same doctor was linked to both formations, Boras and Correa knew that the dice were loaded and that it was better for them to return to square one.

Carlos Correa and his family can now focus on the next season assuming Minnesota will be their home for the next six years and that the past few weeks will have been a dream that turned into a nightmare.

Rich of 200 million dollars, 270 M$ if the team activates all the clauses of the agreement, the awakening will not be too brutal for him.

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