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Rachel Balkovec: first female manager in the MiLB

More and more, the formations trust women in the organizations to guide the teams in the minors. Whether it is to coordinate departments or as an assistant, they are more and more numerous.

But the Yankees just took that to the next level.

According to Lindsay Adler, the Yankees have chosen to appoint a woman as manager in a minors’ lineup. We’re talking about Rachel Balkovec here.

She will be the manager of the Tampa club, the Tarpons, a club that plays in the A.

For the past two years, she had been a minor league hitting coach for the Yankees organization. Here she is now in charge of a full team in the minors.

She will have the chance to work in Tampa at George Steinbrenner Field, one of the most beautiful stadiums for minors. It is also the home of the Yankees’ training camp.

There are several women who work in organizations, but here is a big glass ceiling that has just been pierced. Kudos to the Yankees for hiring a woman who has experience in other organizations and who was ready for such a challenge.

I can’t wait to follow its progress in 2022.


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