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Alex Rodriguez will die alone, says former teammate

Even if he has been retired for several years already, Alex Rodriguez is still a lot of people talking about him. Often more bad than good, let’s be honest!

This was again the case, just recently, when a World Series champion and former teammate of A-Rod, both in high school and in the pros, did not hesitate to publicly lynch him.

Doug Mientkiewicz, who has known Rodriguez for a very long time, spoke openly and candidly about his opinion of his former teammate on The Foul Territory podcast. It’s not very positive.

He will die alone

Mientkiewicz, who rose to fame as the man who grabbed the Red Sox’s last outing on first base in the 2004 World Series victory, didn’t mince words during the interview hosted by AJ Pierzynski and Scott Brown. In addition to claiming that his longtime former teammate was going to die alone, because he is an execrable human being, he said that he finds hypocritical what has been said about him recently. Like, that he is a good father, God bless him and his daughters, because they have been through things, etc.

According to Mientkiewicz, A-Rod is only trying to repent now, but it’s too late. That we must not forget all the evil he has done.

To back up his claims, he recalled that the former Mariners, Rangers and Yankees player was suspended for the entire 2014 season for using steroids. That during his career he was suspended about 200 games for using illegal substances.

He added a layer of it, saying he was fascinated by how big the current ESPN and FOX analyst’s ego was when they were teammates with the Yankees in the 2007 season. Mientkiewicz couldn’t believe it. Not that veterans with substance like Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada let their teammate act disgusting in the locker room, especially with the organization’s young players.

He forgot where he came from

Where Mientkiewicz got bloodiest was when he talked about the two men’s basic bond, back when they were teammates at Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

He first said that at a ceremony held in recent years to honor their former coach, Rodriguez slept at the table in his Minnesota Timberwolves jersey, the club he owns. What a lack of respect! Mientkiewicz, who is mainly associated with the Minnesota Twins, an organization with which he played 643 games, even has photos proving it.

Secondly, he says he finds the attitude of the colorful retiree towards his former teammates even more unacceptable. According to him, the bond that unites a gang of teenagers in high school is precious and it is about friendship for life. Westminster Christian School alumni still talk to each other relatively often, write to each other, but not A-Rod. He gets away from it all.

It would be very interesting to sit the two men together for a podcast or television interview. I would definitely be an attentive viewer!

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