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Brad Treliving will not be able to be at the Maple Leafs table in the 2023 draft

It’s now officially done, Brad Treliving is the new general manager in Toronto.

During his meeting with the Toronto press, he discussed his role, his challenges, his priorities and the future of his head coach.

On this subject in particular, Treliving did not want to confirm if Sheldon Keefe will be back behind the bench. Mystery.

But one thing is certain: he will not be able to actively participate in the next NHL draft.

This is one of the conditions imposed by his former employers, the Calgary Flames, when they gave the Maple Leafs permission to speak with Treliving.

But, concretely, what does it mean “not being able to participate actively in the repechage”?

According to journalist Elliotte Friedman, he will not have the right to be present at the Maple Leafs table during the draft.

Still crazy! Will he hide in the depths of the darkness of the Predators arena; where will the 2023 draft take place?

If only the telephone, text messages and emails did not exist, the impact would be legendary! But as all that exists, his presence or not at the Leafs table will not change much.

Anyway, the Maple Leafs have only three choices in the next draft (28th, 153rd and 185th selections).

So what will Brad Treliving do during the 2023 draft?

Your theories are as valid as ours.



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