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The NFL point of May 17: Davante Adams not yet convinced by Jimmy Garoppolo

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Davante Adams ‘not fully aligned’ with Raiders

Deprived by the decision of his franchise of the company of his friend Derek Carr as quarterback, Davante Adams (WR, Raiders) dotted the i’s. First, he doesn’t seem worried about Carr’s departure, saying he showed his ability to produce in any situation by being named All-Pro despite leaving Green Bay.

“I’m not dependent on a quarterback. I only depend on me (…) That’s why last season meant a lot. Even if next year I’m bad, last year I would have produced every moment. On my resume you can write: he doesn’t need Aaron Rodgers,” Adams told Mirin Fader of The Ringer in an interview published on Tuesday.

However, other elements of the interview show that the franchise’s decision to bring in Jimmy Garoppolo (QB) has yet to fully convince him. And, if he was consulted, he was not listened to.

“They (the franchise executives) think it’s the best choice to make us competitive right away,” he conceded. “We’re not completely aligned on what’s best for us right now,” said Adams, who seemed to doubt the former 49er’s ability to use his abilities on long runs. “It depends on the style we are going to adopt. If we play a certain type of game, I can get along with it easily. If we use it in another way, I don’t think we’re going to maximize our capabilities”.

Welcome to the club, Jimmy.

Joe Burrow wants to think about his teammates

Joe Burrow (QB, Bengals) is entering his fourth year of rookie contract, the perfect time to sign a contract extension. After the staggering sums gleaned by Jalen Hurts (QB, Eagles) or Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens), the number 1 choice of the 2020 draft could ask for a new record.

If he confirmed to be in negotiations with the franchise, the player however gave reassuring indications for the supporters of the Bengals who would be anxious to keep him in the same way as Tee Higgins and Ja’marr Chase (WR).

“When you have players on the team that need to be paid, it sticks in your head,” Burrow told reporters on Tuesday. “It has to be a focal point. We are working to make this happen, ”continued the player.

An idea visibly shared with Tee Higgins.

“We’re talking about staying together a long time,” Higgin said. “Hopefully we can do that and find a solution so they keep all three of us,” the receiver explained.


The main signings of the day: Taron Vincent (DL, Rams), Lacale London (DL, Falcons), John Parker Romo (K, Lions), Jaryd Jones-Smith (OT, Commanders), Chris Westry (Browns, CB), Charleston Rambo (WR, Eagles), Andre Smith (LB, Falcons), Austin Faoliu (DT, Seahawks), Javelin Guidry (CB, Jets), Ian Swenson (LB, Texans), CJ Brewer (DT, Buccaneers), Hakeem Butler ( WR, Steelers)
The main cups of the day: Jermaine Carter (LB, Texans), Germain Ifedi (OT, Falcons)

A team to host the Black Friday game every year?

For the first time in 2023, the NFL will hold a game on Friday. And not just any. The one after Thanksgiving. Black Friday.

In the Adam Schefter podcast, Mike North, an NFL official, confirmed that several teams have expressed interest in hosting this meeting every year. Among those interested are the Jets, who will host the Dolphins in November for the first edition of this meeting.

The Bengals would also have tried to place themselves on the niche as a permanent host.

In short

– The financial details of the transfer of Za’darius Smith (LB) from the Vikings to the Browns are known. According to ESPN’s Field Yates, the Vikings lost a cap of $1.17 million, while the player will only go for $3 million against the Browns’ cap next season. Bonuses, however, could raise this amount to nearly $13 million.

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