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Chiefs – Eagles (17-21): D’Andre Swift leads Philadelphia to victory

Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) – Philadelphia Eagles (9-1): 17-21

In this top match, between the two conference leaders, we had to wait until the last two minutes to finally see the Eagles win. However, with a 10-point lead at halftime, Kansas City missed the second act offensively, not scoring a single point. The defenses dominated this match, each having a half to shine.

The Chiefs had a chance at the end of the match, but Marquez Valdes Scantling (0 yards) released the ball at the worst possible moment.

Philadelphia was able to move forward after a complicated first act, relying on Devonta Smith (99 yards) and D’Andre Swift (107 yards, 1 TD) to dynamite the Chiefs’ good defense. Jalen Hurts (14/22, 150 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 29 yards rushing) was able to be decisive at the best moment, unlike Patrick Mahomes (24/43, 177 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT) who was not helped by his targets.

Kansas City can blame itself, but remains in the race for first place in the AFC. The good operation is for Philadelphia, which consolidates its place as number one in the league, and can calmly prepare for the reception of the Buffalo Bills.

Elbow to elbow

In the rain, and after two “3&outs” to start, it was Kansas City which opened the hostilities. Impeccable on the ground and in the air, Andy Reid’s men quickly moved up the field. Justin Watson (53 yards, 1 TD) is at the end for the first touchdown of the evening.

Immediate reaction from the Eagles, led by a duo of Devonta Smith/D’Andre Swift, who combined for 64 yards. It is the runner who concludes this sequence with the equalizing touchdown (7-7).

The first half is disturbing as the two teams seem to be playing in mirror images. Eagles’ third drive: interception by L’Jarius Sneed following a clear misunderstanding between Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown. Third drive of the Chiefs: interception of new recruit Kevin Byard, in the endzone while Kansas City could take off.

Kansas City’s defense is imperial in this first act, with 5 sacks against what is one of the best lines in the league. Chris Jones and Trent McDuffie are enjoying themselves, with 2 sacks each. Patrick Mahomes, on the contrary, finds his rhythm, helped by a gala Isiah Pacheco (91 yards). The quarterback finds Travis Kelce to regain the advantage. The Chiefs don’t stop there, as they add 3 points before the break (17-7).

The breakdown for Kansas City

The start of the second act is defensive, with 4 punts to start. It was finally D’Andre Swift who broke the deadlock with a long run, then a touchdown on the ground from Jalen Hurts (17-14).

Kansas City can no longer do it on offense, and on the first productive drive of the second act Travis Kelce (44 yards, 1 TD) commits a fumble which prevents the Chiefs from scoring. On this action Bradley Roby causes this loss of ball with a well-placed punch.

Philadelphia takes advantage of the Chiefs’ apathy to go on the attack again, with the Smith/Swift duo still driving the game. And as is often the case, it’s Jalen Hurts who takes care of the finishing on the ground. For the first time in the match, the Eagles are in front (17-21).

Despite one last chance, Kansas City was unable to make the difference and had to lose at home.

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