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Seahawks release Jamal Adams

Expected since the end of the season, Jamal Adams' adventure in Seattle will come to an end. According to NFL media the Seahawks have decided to terminate the safety's contract.

A decision that allows the franchise to avoid paying a salary of $27.5 million to the player at the start of the new season. Effective June 1, the transaction will also free up $16 million in the 2024 salary cap.

Arriving as part of a massive trade in 2020, Adams never reached the expectations placed on him by the franchise. Above all effective in the ground game than in coverage, the player has always been more of a linebacker than a true NFL safety. A divisive profile which has always stirred up debates about its real level.

Absent almost the entire season in 2022, Jamal Adams was again absent for half the year in 2023. Far from his previous level, he has not made a sack since 2020, despite his great strength in his first game careers. At 28, Adams is a free agent for the first time. His physical condition and his ability to find his old one could be an obstacle to finding a team quickly.

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