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Rashee Rice no longer charged with assault

One less problem for Rashee Rice. While he is in big trouble after causing a car accident that left several injured, the Chiefs receiver can forget a second affair that arose a few days later.

Rice was accused of assault by a photographer following a party at a Dallas nightclub.

Ultimately, according to the alleged victim, it was all just a “ misunderstanding. » According to NFL Media, the photographer filled out a document to ask the authorities to stop the proceedings and withdraw his charges. So Rice wouldn't have hit him in the face.

Rashee Rice in training, but still targeted by justice

In recent days, Rashee Rice was back on the field in Kansas City.

Although he is now physically far from Dallas, eight charges have been brought against him in the car accident case.

The player published a press release to assure that he would assume his responsibility and cooperate with justice.

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