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Michael Thomas stays with the Saints and amends his contract

They seem by far the best years of Michael Thomas. But it is in New Orleans that the 30-year-old receiver will try to revive.

ESPN announces that Thomas has signed a new modified contract with the New Orleans franchise. He is now signed for a season at the rate of 10 million dollars.

If he reaches all the performance bonuses, the total could climb to 15 million.

But that’s a big “if.” “Because Thomas has only played 10 games over the past three seasons. In 2022, he caught 16 passes in three games, before joining the infirmary in November because of a dislocated toe.

The hope is that Thomas will regain some of the level that allowed him to exceed 1,100 yards in each of his first four seasons, peaking at 1,725 ​​yards in 2019. This would necessarily be a huge asset for Derek Carr, now in charge of distributing the ball for the black and gold.

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