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Josh McDaniels: “Never talk about the Patriots like that!” »

The Raiders won their first game with Antonio Pierce. The opponent was in bad shape, but Las Vegas still looked much healthier and happier.

According to what the American media reported, it was not difficult. The end of Josh McDaniels’ reign would have been quite surreal.

High point of the debacle: a meeting held a few hours before training on Thursday, October 26. According to Jay Glazer (FOX Sports) and Ian Rapoport (NFL Network), the players would have taken turns to state all their criticisms to the coach.

In general: his tendency to over-correct problems on the pitch, his way of blaming players for errors in game choices, meetings that are too long…

McDaniel allegedly tried to implement certain requests from the players during the following session. He would have put on music and tried to be less vocally present.

“Sources describe McDaniel as much less involved in training than usual. Almost an observer,” says Rapoport. “ […] The meeting seemed to have affected him negatively. One source described him as a shadow of his former self. »

Antonio Pierce brings back bad memories for Josh McDaniels

But the worst episode of this meeting would not even be the remarks of a player. Antonio Pierce, then linebackers coach, reportedly spoke on McDaniels’ behalf to motivate the players.

Pierce would then have mentioned the history of the 2007-2008 New York Giants, of which he was one of the linebackers. He then says that winning is also a question of culture, and that the Giants believed they could beat anyone, even when it seemed impossible. And that’s how they beat… the Patriots whose offense was led by Josh McDaniels in the Super Bowl in February 2008.

Enthusiasm of the players.

A lot less McDaniels.

“Don’t ever talk about the Patriots like that,” McDaniels allegedly told Pierce once the players left.

Opposition in style. Finally, after a defeat against the Lions, Mark Davis made his choice less than a week later. It’s up to Pierce to take a chance. With his style closer to the players, Pierce seems to have brought the squad back to life. At least for a week. With the right to say what he wants about the Patriots.

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