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Eric Bieniemy (Commanders): “Eric Bieniemy is tough”

Eric Bieniemy is a fan of Alain Delon. And Eric Bieniemy. Because Eric Bieniemy knows what Eric Bieniemy wants.

After several years in the shadow of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, Eric Bieniemy finds himself facing a huge challenge on the side of Washington.

He is still offensive coordinator, but the squad is much poorer. And apparently, for the moment, the communication between the manager and his new players is not optimal.

In the columns of the Washington Post, Ron Rivera, the main coach of Washington, confirmed that some players have complained about the intensity of the training sessions of the former Chiefs assistant.

“I had a number of guys come up to me and I was like, ‘Hey, just go talk to him.’ I said, ‘Understand what he is trying to explain to you.’ They went there, they talked and they listened to it, it was educational for a lot of these guys. A lot of these young players struggle with certain things and a big part of the problem is where they come from. I mean, guys coming from certain university programs are used to it. Guys from other programs aren’t as much… They were just a little worried. »

Eric Bieniemy: “Eric Bieniemy is what he is”

Players better get used to it, because Bieniemy doesn’t seem to want to change his methods.

“I’m always going to be loud and vocal, I’m always going to be demanding with my leaders,” the offensive coordinator told ESPN. “If I don’t do my job, I’m going to be fired. It’s my job and my responsibility to make sure our guys do what I expect of them. »

ESPN specifies that Bieniemy is indeed the most present coach on the sound level when one attends the camp of the Commanders. In criticism as much as in compliments, his voice would carry the most. The incumbent attack would have been kicked out of the field for a too slow huddle, while the runners heard their coach send them a “finish” for each ball carried.

And the coordinator is so intense that he talks about himself in the third person.

“I want our guys to clearly understand that we don’t take anything for granted. You can see me taking players aside and having long discussions with them to make sure we’re still on the same page. Eric Bieniemy is what he is. Eric Bieniemy knows how to adapt and adjust. Eric Bieniemy is tough, but also understand that I will be their biggest critic, but also their number one fan. I am always there to support them. »

Bieniemy has gone through 15 job interviews for head coach positions, without ever winning the timpani. The coming season could provide answers on the reasons for these refusals. In any case, the first weeks are not reassuring.

Last February, LeSean McCoy had already expressed serious doubts about who was his coordinator briefly at the Chiefs.

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