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ELF: spectacle but a first defeat for the Paris Musketeers

4200 spectators and a great atmosphere. He just missed the win. Saturday, the Musketeers received for the first time. A meeting that they led to the break, before finally bowing.

It was a superb reception from Rémi Bertellin who put the Parisians ahead in the second quarter (14-6).

The second half even started with an interception for the Musketeers. An opportunity that has unfortunately not been improved. The Surge then picked up thanks to Louis Geyer. This same receiver then gave the advantage to Stuttgart (14-20).

The public was able to ignite on the equalizer of the tight end Adria Botella Moreno (20-20).

The safety that hurts

We are then in the fourth quarter. And Stuttgart does not give up. Asnnel Robo, a French runner, immediately gives control to Stuttgart (20-27). Paris only has five minutes left to return. Except that the Surge defense kills the game with a sack from quarterback Zach Edwards in the end zone. A safety that gives visitors nine steps ahead (20-29) to ensure their success.

The Musketeers will be able to console themselves with the beautiful atmosphere that accompanied the meeting. With their balance sheet of a victory for a defeat, their next meeting will take place on June 18 in Düsseldorf.

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