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[Draft Sheets] Paris Johnson Jr. (OT), the ultimate bodyguard

Paris Johnson Jr. – Offensive Tackle – 21 – Junior – Ohio State

Height: 1m99
Weight: 142kg
2022 stats: 13 games, 2 sacks, 12 pressures conceded
Estimated draft position: 1st round
NFL Comparison: Ronnie Stanley

Holder during his last 2 university seasons, Paris Johnson Jr. has successfully transitioned from a right guard position in 2021 to a left tackle position in 2022. It remains to be seen where he will be used in the professionals in a position that has become very important in a league focused on air attack.

Strong points

  • Athletic
  • Versatility
  • Lateral mobility

In addition to a good size, Paris Johnson Jr. is a very athletic player, possessing very good balance. His movements are precise, fluid and he excels in particular in blocks on ground games to allow his runner to gain the necessary yards. The combination that his versatile profile brings has probably not escaped NFL recruiters who need new blood for their team in this position.

In addition to being good at ground games, he is also very good at protecting the quarterback in the air game. The first quality you notice about him is his work on the feet (footwork). Since the snaphis first explosive step allows him to be quickly well placed to annihilate the pass rusher who will be in front of him.

Similarly, when he does not have an edge rusher in front of him, he is able to help his guard during double-takes, to then go on the player who blitz and block it with his speed. He is therefore a mobile and intelligent player, while he does not have much experience in both positions.

Weak points

  • Anchor
  • Power
  • Technical

Paris Johnson Jr. does not really have any weak points, rather he has areas for improvement that he will have to assimilate from his early years if he wants to be successful in the NFL.

He’s going to have to be more consistent to create space for his running back or quarterback in running plays. This is due to his lack of natural power and his lack of technique, especially from the snap. He can sometimes be nonchalant on offensive situations where his physique and his athletic qualities should allow him to win.

This vulnerability could fail him because, at the professional level, he will have more experienced and technical defenders who will test him. The number of pressures conceded during his last two university seasons (25) is proof that he will also have to gain in concentration.

Possible destinations

Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Las Vegas Raiders

During training camps, if he lives up to what we’ve seen in the past two college seasons, Paris Johnson Jr. is going to be a starter in the first week of the 2023 season despite his relative inexperience at the position. of left tackle.

The team that will take him should be a team that has a good ground game with mobile players around him, which should be the case with the Chicago Bears with Justin Fields in particular. The Jets, Steelers and Raiders have quality running backs. These players could therefore count on a solid player, mobile, good at blocking and with very good game intelligence on these patterns.

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