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[Draft Sheets] Jaquan Brisker: all-terrain safety

Jaquan Brisker – Safety – 22 years old – Senior – Penn State

Cut : 1m85

Weight : 91 kg

Estimated draft position: 25-40

Stats 2021: 63 tackles, 2 interceptions, 5 passes defended

NFL Comparison: Malcolm Jenkins

Strong points

  • Leader
  • Athletic qualities
  • Versatility

Passed by the Junior College for 2 seasons due to insufficient academic results, Jaquan Brisker has forged a steel mind during his career. Having become the soul of Penn State’s excellent defense, he has established himself as a true leader. A rich and seductive experience when approaching the professional turn.

Brilliant with formidable athletic qualities and great versatility, he has established himself as the most accomplished safety of the vintage behind the unbeatable Kyle Hamilton. Fast and of a good size, his physical prototype is ideal for his position. Very good against the run where his explosiveness and his ability to hit hard are important assets (6 tackles for loss in 2021), he also knows how to cover both the tights end in the middle of the field and the receivers in depth. Like his fantastic statistics last season with only 1 touchdown and two first downs conceded according to Pro Football Focus.

It can integrate any system. Being able to play in strong close to the line, in free and even in the slot, Brisker will be able to contribute from the start of the season in one of the roles chosen by his future coordinator.

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Weak points

If his game intelligence is anything to go by, Brisker will have to work his readings to the next level. Often deceived by the eyes of the opposing quarterback, he can lose the thread and let his vis-à-vis slip away. Three times more used in the box than in coverage, he sometimes lacks recognition of opponent’s lines, which can serve him in pursuit.

Despite far from dishonorable statistics, the player is not a born playmaker. He will have to work his hands to gain efficiency in the NFL and avoid releasing ready-made interceptions like his two drop balls in 2021.

The stat:

0: as the number of penalties committed by the Nittany Lions defender over the past two seasons. A valuable quality for a player who may have to play on the cover.

Possible destinations

Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Commanders, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons

Brisker’s versatility should intrigue more than one staff in April. His ability to evolve both in the back of the field and near the line should allow him to flirt with the first lap. If Tyrann Mathieu does not return, the Chiefs could consider the position of safety early. Steve Spaguolo could use the Penn State player the way he used the Honey Badger. If the defensive line has nothing more to prove, the last curtain of Washington is not all-risk insurance. Landon Collins’ haircut created a need to be filled.

In Wisconsin, the two incumbents will be at the end of their contract at the end of the 2022 season. Planning their succession by initially integrating Brisker in the role of “star” that coordinator Joe Barry values ​​so much would have a certain logic. Finally, other teams in reconstruction in the defensive backfield, could look very favorably on his versatility and his leadership to build the foundations of a secondary.

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