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Colts – Eagles (16-17): Jalen Hurts at the finish!

Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1) – Philadelphia Eagles (9-1): 16-17

Beaten for the first time this season last week against Washington, the Eagles wanted to take advantage of their trip to the Colts to restart the machine. For a long time, the latter seemed rusty and a second defeat in a row was just around the corner. But Jalen Hurts (18/25 passing, 190 YDS, 1 TD, 86 YDS on the ground, 1 TD, 1 fumble lost) and his teammates raised their level of play at the right time to snatch the victory in the last moments.

Jonathan Taylor puts the Colts on the right track

In their first ten games this year, the Colts have never scored on their opening drive. But this Sunday against the Eagles, the story is different. Boosted by a 24-yard pass from Matt Ryan (23/32, 213 YDS) for Michael Pittman Jr. (6 REC, 75 YDS) and above all a Jonathan Taylor (22 carries, 84 YDS, 1 TD) sharp on the ground, Indianapolis advance as a boss until finding the end zone thanks to his running back (7-0).

On the other side of the ball, the Eagles struggled to advance. Or rather they advance, but are weighed down by penalties. We actually have to wait until the second quarter to really see Philadelphia achieve a constructive drive, with Jalen Hurts in particular living up to his reputation as a double threat. The visitors are however clumsy at the time of conclusion and must be satisfied with a field goal (7-3).

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As for the Eagles’ defense, reinforced by the recent arrivals of Linval Joseph and Ndamukong Suh, it has gradually raised its tone since the initial drive, notably putting more pressure on Matt Ryan. The latter, however, manages to make the plays it takes in the last seconds of the first half to allow the Colts to regain a touchdown lead thanks to a field goal (10-3).

Jalen Hurts too clutch

Back from the locker room, the Eagles try to find the right formula in attack to finally take off. Unfortunately for them, it started very badly since Jalen Hurts released the ball on a sack from Yannick Ngakoue in the first action of the second period, which offered a field goal to the Colts (13-3). This sets the tone for the entire third quarter. On the next drive, after several receptions from DeVonta Smith (6 REC, 78 YDS), Philly returns the ball on an unconverted fourth down. And then after a defensive stop, the Eagles are still contained on the ground, which forces them to punt.

Despite everything, the men of Nick Sirianni – Eagles coach passed by Colts as offensive coordinator – remain in the game. The defense holds the shock, and Indianapolis does not take advantage of the opportunities. So inevitably, at some point, the wheel turns. At the start of the fourth quarter, Hurts put on the gas with first a big run from 23 yards, then a pass to Quez Watkins for the touchdown (13-10). The momentum then switches from one side to the other with two fumbles in quick succession, then Indy regains a six-point lead on a field goal after a reception from 31 yards signed Parris Campbell (16-10).

Five minutes to play, one possession, Eagles ball. This is Jalen Hurts’ moment to remind everyone why he is one of the MVP candidates this season. First taking advantage of a defensive pass interference from 39 yards then a ground game that comes in support, Hurts takes things in hand by converting a fourth down with his legs, before crucifying the Colts on a full axis run for the touchdown. Led throughout the match, the Eagles took the lead for the first time (16-17) 80 seconds from the end. Advantage that the defense secures on the final drive of the game.

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