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Chiefs – Bills (20-24): Led by a still huge Josh Allen, Buffalo takes a date

Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) – Buffalo Bills (5-1): 20-24

This time, they held. Taking the reins 1 minute from the end, the Bills defense did not let his opponent believe in a new miracle. By intercepting Patrick Mahomes (25/40, 338 yards, 2TD, 2 int), they validated a prestigious victory between the two best teams in the AFC conference. Uncertain until the end, the two teams battled it out from start to finish.

Led by an impressive Josh Allen (27/40, 329 yards, 3 TD), both in his passes and in his ability to get decisive yards on the run, the Bills offer themselves a mini revenge on the field of Kansas City.

Power up

Yet in legs from their start, the two attacks must wait a bit before unlocking the scoreboard. Each of them returns the leather to the opponent in the area of ​​truth. First Isaiah McKenzie who messes up on a small back pass from Allen, and Mahomes who is intercepted in the end zone by rookie Kaiir Elam.

You have to wait for the 2nd quarter to see the scoreboard unlock. After a Bills field goal, Juju Smith-Schuster scored the first touchdown of the game by resisting three defenders unable to stop him. Lacking realism and too often penalized, Buffalo is slow to pick up. McKenzie, again him, taking his feet alone in the mat and letting the touchdown slip away on a 4th attempt at 3 yards. But the now essential Gabe Davis is receiving a deep pass for a touchdown from 34 yards. (7-10)

But like a ghost of the last playoffs. This 3 point advantage with 15 seconds on the clock is not enough. Once again Mahomes manages to put Harrison Butker in position for a kick from 62 yards. Fortunately for the Bills, this stab does not take place at the end of the game but before the return to the locker room.

Mahomes-Allen, Revenge

The two quarterbacks intend to come out stronger from this shock. In a nice imitation of the previous possession, Allen chained the passes, and found Stefon Diggs for another touchdown. He is immediately imitated by Mahomes who connects with Mecole Hardman. (17-17)

As expected, the two teams go blow for blow. Sometimes in attack, sometimes in defense. If the two quarterbacks are at the top of their game, they are however well slowed down by aggressive defenses and applied in particular on the lines. The Chiefs having still been able to add 3 points at the start of the 4th quarter, the Bills are back to the wall. Josh Allen then pulls out all the stops. With his arms and legs, the quarterback goes up the field with class. Four minutes pass on the clock and he restores the advantage to his own by connecting with Dawson Knox. In a scenario that begins to look like the playoff game last January, we expect a new crossover. But not this time. Taron Johnson intercepts Mahomes and puts an end to the hopes of the locals. This time, Buffalo held. Buffalo wins.

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