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Carson Wentz signs with the Chiefs for one season

Carson Wentz has found his fifth team in five years. ESPN announces that the quarterback has signed for one season with the Chiefs.

The former number 2 in the Draft is still only 31 years old. His career now appears to be that of a number two, and he has found one of the most enviable places in the league at this level.

Behind Patrick Mahomes, Wentz will have no pressure, and the opportunity to grab a second ring. With the Eagles, it was already on the bench, behind Nick Foles, that he won his first title.

Carson Wentz, playing time plummeting

Starting in Philadelphia, then with the Colts in 2021, Carson Wentz has since seen his playing time decrease. Eight meetings with the Commanders in 2022. A start in a match without stakes for the Rams at the end of last season. And now a place with no prospect of fighting for playing time.

Wentz remains a choice that makes sense for Kansas City. Experienced and mobile, he could help out in the event of an injury to Mahomes. Wentz has thrown 153 touchdowns to 67 interceptions in the 95 regular season games he has played in his career.

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