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Buffalo storm: Stefon Diggs absent, Sean McDermott “very worried”

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs isn’t at minicamp, and no one knows why yet.

That’s it, the teams are starting the mandatory minicamps starting in the NFL, and, with them, the lot of absences that make people talk. The absence of players during this period is often the consequence of a known contractual difficulty. And then there’s the Stefon Diggs (WR, Bills) situation.

Already absent from optional training last month, the receiver did not show up this Tuesday for the start of his team’s minicamp. However, the player is linked to Buffalo until 2027. Enough to imagine more serious causes of absence, such as a fundamental disagreement with the franchise, or even an injury.

Rarely in these situations, his coach Sean McDermott did not try to minimize things in front of the press, since he declared to be “very worried” about this absence. This statement resulted in a correction from the player’s agent, who, via ESPN’s Adam Schefter, clarified that Diggs was around, would be present for the remainder of minicamp, and had met with franchise staff.

According to several sources (Pat McAfee, Sal Capaccio of Bills Beat), the player was present on Tuesday morning and would have left. Not necessarily enough to reassure his coach, nor the fans of the franchise.

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