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Buccaneers: Shaq Barrett pushed towards the exit

The major maneuvers in view of the free agency have started. According to ESPN, the Buccaneers have terminated Shaq Barrett's contract. The player was due to receive a $15 million bonus next month.

Given the structure of his contract, it is very likely that he will be subject to a cut after June 1 in order to limit the dead money in 2024. At 31 years old, he should be able to quickly find a base given his experience and still decent performance.

The pass rusher joined Florida in 2019 after 4 years in Denver. Member of the excellent defense led by Todd Bowles, he notably recorded 19.5 sacks during his first season in Tampa, Barrett established himself as an outstanding quarterback hunter. He was one of the architects of the title won in 2020.

The Buccaneers are therefore choosing to rejuvenate their front 7, taking advantage of the emergence of the new generation embodied by Yaya Diaby or Joe Tryon-Shoyenka. In 2023, Barrett has 52 tackles including 4.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and an interception.

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