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Browns – Chargers (28-30): LA gets scared but wins the race

Cleveland-Browns (2-3) – Los Angeles Chargers (3-2): 28-30

It was open house this Sunday in Cleveland. 908 yards in cumulative attack, including 451 in the race. If Nick Chubb (17 races, 134 yards, 2 TD) and Austin Ekeler (16 races, 173 yards, 1 TD) disputed the victory, it is the last who leaves with a positive balance sheet of this duel of AFC.

Fanfare debut for the Browns

Under the impetus of a rather clean Jacoby Brissett (21/34, 230 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT), like his start to the season, Cleveland starts off on the floor. On the first drive, the inevitable Chubb escapes for a touchdown from 41 yards. On the next drive, Cleveland scores again to lead 14-0.

If the Chargers quickly return to the game (21-17 for the Browns at halftime), the tone is set at FirstEnergy Stadium: it will be an attacking game. Always deprived of Keenan Allen, Justin Herbert (22/34, 228 yards, 1 TD) can nevertheless rely on Mike Williams (10 receptions, 134 yards). Brissett, meanwhile, mainly distributes to David Njoku (6 receptions, 88 yards) and Amari Cooper (7 receptions, 76 yards, 1 TD).

Callahan whistles the end of recess

30-28 for Los Angeles less than 3 minutes from the end. Jacoby Brissett brings the Browns to 9 yards from the end zone. On a rather telephonic pass attempt (Brissett stares at Amari Cooper for several seconds), the swell lands in the arms of Bryce Callahan. The Charge chip away the clock as best they can (Cleveland will have one last possession ended by the Field Goal of the missed win) and win the match.

While wins are always up for grabs, the Chargers were still worrisome on run defense. Despite all the additions in the offseason, this defensive squad struggles to be a force. We will also have to look at some dubious decisions made by Brandon Staley, such as this fourth attempt in the Chargers’ half of the field one minute from the end (30-28 to the score), and without the Browns not have no downtime. The Chargers are doing well, but by nothing.
As for the Browns, it’s an almost encouraging defeat. Nick Chubb has been all right, and Brissett will bring in the number of wins needed to keep the Browns in playoff contention until Watson returns.

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