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Bills: Jordan Poyer cut

The Bills want to rejuvenate the position, and sacrifice a veteran.

According to ESPN, the story between the Bills and Jordan Poyer will end, since the safety will be cut this Wednesday. This will save the Bills $5.7 million in payroll. After restructuring his contract in the 2023 offseason, the Bills therefore decided to cut him at the start of the 2024 offseason.

At 32 years old, Jordan Poyer still maintains a certain rating on the market. In a crop of defensive backs quite important for free agency, he will perhaps revise his financial ambitions downwards to better negotiate with a title candidate. Unless he prefers rebuilding teams lacking veterans to continue as a starter.

Damar Hamlin starting?

Since joining the Bills from the Browns in 2017, Jordan Poyer has become one of the leaders of Sean McDermott's defense. In 7 seasons with the Bills, he was elected once to the 1st All Pro team (2021), then Pro Bowler in 2022. In statistical terms, in 7 seasons, he made 22 interceptions. Then, he exceeded the 100 tackles mark 4 times in a season including 2023.

Among the Bills, Jordan Poyer's cut will perhaps allow Damar Hamlin to find a starting place. In addition to the safety, his teammate Siran Neal, also a safety, also takes the door. It saves another $3 million. Cornerback Rasul Douglas has his contract restructured, freeing up an additional $2.5 million for the Bills.

The cleanup may just be beginning among the recent four-time AFC East winners.

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