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Bengals – Vikings (27-24, AP): Tee Higgins carries his team to victory

Cincinnati Bengals (8-6) – Minnesota Vikings (7-7): 27-24

In a duel between two playoff contenders, the Vikings and Bengals offered a crazy match in the second act, having to wait for overtime to decide between them. It was ultimately the Bengals who won at the end of the suspense.

Author of an atrocious performance for three quarters, the attack of Bengals woke up in the last act, with headlining Jake Browning (29/42, 324 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT) still as decisive, but also a Tee Higgins (61 yards, 2 TDs) author of a touch down incredible to snatch the extension.

By closing a 14-point deficit, the Bengals demonstrated strength of character and a desire to win. The defense followed the attack by raising the level in overtime, notably with the Vikings stopping a tush push attempt on the fourth attempt.

Nick Mullens (26/33, 303 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT) made more mistakes, and Minnesota held on in this match thanks to its playmakers who saved the day. Jordan Addison (111 yards, 2 TD) blazed and Ty Chandler (157 yards, 1 TD) provided unexpected help. Brian Flores' defense had a great match before cracking at the end, in the wake of Danielle Hunter, who shined again and is having a defensive player of the year season. But this squad collapsed at the end of the match.

With this victory Cincinnati is more than ever in the race in the AFC, while Minnesota is condemned to the feat in the coming weeks.

Minnesota ahead despite Nick Mullens

On the first drive of the match, the Bengals completed 11 actions for 59 yards and scored a field goal (3-0). These are the only points that Cincinnati scores in the first act, as the Vikings defense is so dominant.

The Vikings also started strong, in the wake of an astonishing Ty Chandler, effective on the ground and in the air. It is the latter who scores the first touchdown of the match (3-7). The score didn't move for the entire first half, the fault of a catastrophic Nick Mullens, author of two stupid interceptions, including an unprecedented sack-interception.

A crazy scenario, Tee Higgins as savior

The start of the second act for Minnesota confirms something we know all : the Vikings receivers are talented. Justin Jefferson is back, and Jordan Addison makes an acrobatic reception to score another touch down (3-14).

Cincinnati has its back against the wall, and Jake Browning is diving with his team. His pass is intercepted by Akayleb Evans, which gives an opportunity for the Vikings to make the break. Minnesota benefits half, with a field goal (3-17).

THE Bengals have heart and resources, and even despite a large late they find the resources to get back into the match. After an air festival, it's tee Higgins which finds the area of touch down to put back Cindy in the match (10-17). In the process, Cincinnati accelerates again to score a touchdown on the ground by Joe Mixon (17-17).

In just a few minutes, the Bengals are back in this crazy game. Minnesota responds with a touchdown from Jordan Addison, his second of the evening, after a 75-yard drive. The end for Cincinnati? No ! Jake Browning also finds Tee Higgins for a double, with a crazy reception (24-24). Direction the extension.

In this extra period, each team initially misses its chance, like Nick Mullens who completely misses his tush push. It was Tyler Boyd who broke the deadlock with a long-distance reception, allowing Cincinnati to score the winning field goal. The Bengals win 27-24 at home.

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