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World Cup 2023: Grant Hill happy and proud of this version of Team USA

The list of 12 players selected by Team USA to participate in the next World Cup was already known.

It is now official: Brandon Ingram, Anthony Edwards, Tyrese Haliburton, Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, Mikal Bridges, Jaren Jackson Jr, Paolo Banchero, Bobby Portis, Austin Reaves, Cam Johnson and Walker Kessler are therefore the twelve lucky winners of the federation American. They will be coached by Steve Kerr, who will be supported by Erik Spoelstra (Miami), Tyronn Lue (LA Clippers) and Mark Few (Gonzaga).

Between his scoring qualities, his athletic dimension and his versatility, the GM Grant Hill now hope that this group will be able to translate its qualities and its complementarity on the ground, to seek the final victory.

“I think I speak for all of us in saying that we are very happy. We were very thoughtful, very determined, very attentive to putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It wasn’t easy, but I think we got the desired result. We are very satisfied with the workforce, its versatility and its complementarity. So we overcame that hurdle. And now we have a bigger hurdle to cross to build collective unity.”, said Grant Hill during a conference call.

A whole identity to build

If it remains solid, the workforce is still very young, without any superstars. The scoring part will of course be there with six players who have come out of a season with 20 points or more (Brandon Ingram, Anthony Edwards, Jalen Brunson, Tyrese Haliburton, Mikal Bridges and Paolo Banchero). As for character players, Steve Kerr will also have plenty to do with Josh Hart, Bobby Portis, Jaren Jackson Jr. or even Austin Reaves.

Nine players chosen have worn the Team USA jersey before, but none of them have played in a World Cup or Olympic campaign. As always, group cohesion and complementarity will therefore be essential to hope to shine on the international scene. And make people forget the disaster of 2019…

“We only have new players, they are all rookies”added Grant Hill. “We are going to have to work hard to prepare them, to grow them so that they are ready for international basketball and a slightly different style of play”.

If Anthony Edwards and Brandon Ingram should inherit the main offensive missions, the GM of Team USA underlined the quality of his exterior line, which he considers able to respond to the specificities of FIBA ​​basketball.

“I think we have a very good outside game that can translate to the international stage. We have shooters, athletes, guys who can defend, who can go out in transition. We have versatile players, who can play in several positions, position 4 in particular. I think what you want in an international match, with guys who have all the necessary weapons, because you will have to face different styles of play.he concluded.

The Americans will play five warm-up matches, against Puerto Rico on August 7 in Las Vegas, Slovenia and Spain on August 12 and 13 in Malaga, then Greece and finally Germany on August 18 and 20 in Abu Dhabi.

They will then start the World Cup against New Zealand on August 26 before continuing against Greece on the 28th and Jordan on the 30th.

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