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Warriors unveil ‘City Edition’ jersey for women

For their “City Edition” jersey for the 2022/2023 season, the Warriors wanted to highlight women. The franchise therefore contacted Oakland artist Allison Hueman, already known for having worked with Stephen Curry and Under Armour, in order to offer him to lead this project.

The result is a black jersey with two yellow roses in particular. A small drawing on the chest, and a second, much larger and more realistic, at the bottom of the jersey.

“The color palette is really masculine, but the content is really feminine”says Allison Hueman at ESPN. “I tried to find opposing elements that balance each other out. I also didn’t want to do something soft because not all women are soft. I also thought about what I would like to buy as a Warriors fan and I love wearing black. »

The Warriors thus have the desire to stick to the “Women’s History Month”, organized in March in the United States and which follows the “Black History Month” in February. The Californian franchise has even already baptized this month the “Women’s Empowerment Month”, the month of the emancipation of women.

Golden State and its sponsor Rakuten also donated $25,000 to the Women’s Sports Foundation.

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