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Tim Duncan, a luxury assistant for Victor Wembanyama?

In the series “Live my life like in NBA 2K”, Victor Wembanyama could benefit from choice mentors, starting with Tim Duncan !

From the end of his season with Boulogne-Levallois, the French player will in any case follow the steps leading him to the NBA at breakneck speed. While his arrival in San Antonio the day after the Draft is (except earthquake) already acquired, it is rumored that “Wemby” could be welcomed in Texas by a selection committee.

According to Marc Stein, the future number 1 of the Draft could thus be assisted in his first steps at Spurs by the last number 1 of the Draft chosen by San Antonio. Drafted in 1997, Tim Duncan then spent his entire career at Spurs until 2016, becoming THE legend of the franchise.

“He is expected to be at the team’s training center on a regular basis to work with Wembanyama when Spurs are at home.”, wrote Marc Steinadding that Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili could also contribute to the development of “Wemby”.

A second more motivating experience?

Tim Duncan spent one season as an “official” Spurs assistant. But Gregg Popovich quickly changed his mind, feeling that his former player lacked the conviction and determination to become a long-term coach. The experiment therefore ended at the end of the 2019/20 financial year.

“He may never attend a game until the end of his life. But he comes to practice and walks around to see the boys play. But he is not interested in coaching.said Gregg Popovich last year. “When we got him that year, I dropped out after a week. He shows maturity and intelligence, unlike some of us. We keep doing it because we love it. But he has other interests.

Tim Duncan was thus not very interested in the rhythm of a life of coach / assistant, with the permanent displacements. On the other hand, he never hesitated to move to the Spurs training center to work with young Spurs. And the prospect of working with Victor Wembanyama could bring him even more…

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