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Target of criticism on social networks, Ben Simmons seeks advice from… Kyrie Irving

With a Ben Simmons constant target of social networks, a Kevin Durant who wanted to leave during the summer and a Kyrie Irving who multiplies strange and controversial statements, the Nets have some inflammable cases to manage.

For the first, and despite his return in preseason after more than a year of absence, the critics flock. Earlier this week, an airball on a playground, during a meeting with fans, went viral, and the subject of mockery.

“They never let me go. It doesn’t stop”he observes for ESPN. “Sometimes it makes me sick. Then I tell myself that I’m Ben Simmons and that’s part of the game. There are ten players who airball, but we’re going to find an image of me to make crates of it and say that I don’t know how to do this where. Honestly, do you think I airball every shot? You have to have thick skin and tell yourself that I can’t take everything at face value. These are social networks. »

“If a player was a good for nothing, I don’t think people would be on his back so much”

To reassure himself, the former Philadelphia even reverses things. If he is also criticized, it is precisely because he is not such a bad player.

“I believe that’s it. People know what I’m capable of. If a player was a good for nothing, I don’t think people would be on his back so much. In a way, that motivates me. Of course, sometimes it’s difficult to live with, but I see it as a bit of respect somewhere. »

To best manage this situation, the former All-Star turns to his teammates, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The former Warriors is a great regular on Twitter, and he does not hesitate to respond, when the second always agitates Internet users with his comments and his positions.

“It’s cool to have these two players because they had different experiences during their careers”notes Ben Simmons. “They can relate to me because there’s always a lot going on when their names are mentioned. »

The former Cavaliers and Celtics confirms: “I tell him not only to fuck it, but also to be able to deal with all of this, to face it. It’s my responsibility to protect him, but I also have to understand that he has to go through these things on his own. When he asks for help, I’m there for him. »

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