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Steve Nash aware of his team’s physical limitations

LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin… The Nets had no shortage of “meat” in their racket last year. Since none of these veterans have been renewed, the New York franchise finds itself with a much less physical workforce than before.

It has always been a subject, we talk about it every day. We know we don’t have the most physical team. But it’s something that we have to integrate into our game, so it can develop over time. You have to have the mental strength to stay physical », believes Steve Nash.

According to the comparator Hispanosnba, his team, which has no player seven feet (2.13 meters) for example, is the “smallest” in the league with an average height of 1m98. It also evolves in the bottom of the ranking of the heaviest teams in the NBA with an average weight of 97.5 kilos.

The two remaining natural pivots, the young Nic Claxton and Day’Ron Sharpe, should therefore have their work cut out for them next season. ” I feel much better (only last season), mentally and physically. I feel a lot more confident heading into preseason and I’m ready to go. I work hard, I can’t wait “, Displays the first, who also says to have taken three to five kilos of muscle.

I think I am a physical player in general, so I continue to play my game and take care of myself. I feel like what the team thinks is best for me is what’s best for me. I’m just gonna keep doing my job, working hard, and contributing to the team. “, completes the second, who was rather effective last season when he was called upon.

The performances of the two young interiors should be watched closely. The other greats, Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons or Markieff Morris, who wanted to correct the “soft” side of the team, will not be too supportive.

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