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  • Rick Carlisle wants his players to spoil the Celtics party

    “There are plenty of reasons to get motivated for this match. » Rick Carlisle must actually find levers to give energy to its players, trailing 3-0 in this Eastern Conference final against the Celtics. The series is (almost) over and…

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  • Daniel Gafford erased doubts about his early career

    The American Airlines Center was already boiling when Daniel Gafford signed the “dagger”. With less than a minute remaining in this 3rd round against the Wolves, Mike Conley thought he could overtake the Mavs pivot to bring his team back…

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  • Thanks to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, Jason Kidd is progressing as a coach

    Authors of 33 points each, Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving further punished the Wolves. The two players controlled the end of the match by scoring 21 of the Mavericks' 29 points between them in the fourth quarter to win 116-107.…

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  • The Wolves attack still too messy when it comes time to conclude

    Another match, the third in a row, which comes down to the wire and another victory for the Mavericks. This observation, terrible for Wolvestranslates into an equally terrible figure for the latter: 3-0, therefore a series almost won now for…

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  • Pink notebook: the Curry family is growing again

    And four! On social networks, Stephen Curry announced that he had become a father for the fourth time, formalizing the arrival of the youngest child in the Curry family. It's about a little boy named Caius Chai. The Warriors playmaker…

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  • Derek Lively II took a big hit to the back of the head

    While Max Kleber could make his return in these playoffs, in the event of qualification for the Finals, the Mavericks lost one more interior last night. It is Derek Lively IIhit in the head, after an involuntary knee strike from…

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