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Basketball News

  • Anthony Edwards set to leave Klutch Sports

    It’s not every day that Klutch Sports gets nicked from a customer, let alone when it’s a would-be superstar like Anthony Edwards. That’s what’s about to happen, however, according to Chris Haynes, who reported that the Minnesota fullback/winger is set…

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  • Two rooms, two atmospheres: behind the scenes of Nuggets and Heat training

    During the NBA Finals, the two teams abandoned their training center the day before the match, in favor of the floor of their room, to accommodate the more than 300 journalists present for the occasion. The home team gets the…

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  • James Borrego becomes Willie Green’s right-hand man at the Pelicans

    After a year of inactivity, James Borrego is officially back in the NBA. ESPN has thus announced the arrival of the latter in New Orleans to occupy the post of first assistant to Willie Green. James Borrego would have chosen…

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  • Terry Stotts back at the Bucks

    The Bucks were looking for an experienced coach, more focused on the attack, to complete his staff and help rookie coach Adrian Griffin, who will have the difficult task of succeeding Mike Budenholzer. While James Borrego finally chose to join…

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  • Assistant Kevin Young keeps his spot in the sun

    Kevin Young did not go far from living his first experience as a head coach in the NBA. Candidate for the succession of Monty Williams in Phoenix, he finally saw Frank Vogel take the job from him, and his three…

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  • Kevin Ollie becomes Nets assistant

    Tipped to take over the position of coach of the Pistons, Kevin Ollie eventually joins the Great League though, but in an assistant role. As reported by ESPNhe became one of Jacque Vaughn’s right-hand men in the net. This will…

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