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Now injured in the ankle, Aleksej Pokusevski will miss the start of the season

Sad summer that ofAleksej Pokusevski. While he hoped to play the 2023 World Cup with Serbia, the slender Oklahoma City player was forced to withdraw after a series of injuries.

In May, he broke his hand, before fracturing his humerus a few weeks later, then dislocating his shoulder…

No question in these conditions of letting him participate in the World Cup, Serbia winning silver without him.

Aleksej Pokusevski, however, promised to be 100% for the start of the 2023/24 NBA season… except that the Thunder has just announced that he had just suffered a major sprain of his left ankle, and would therefore have to stay in the infirmary to be re-evaluated in about six weeks.

Knowing that OKC’s regular season begins in five weeks (October 27 in Cleveland), Aleksej Pokusevski should therefore miss the resumption. And probably a little more given all his summer injuries.

Not really the best way to start a campaign for him, since he is coming to the end of his rookie contract.

Aleksej Pokusevski Percentage Rebounds
Season Team MJ Min Shots 3pts L.F. Off Def Early Pd Party Int Bp Ct Pts
2020-21 OKAY 45 24 34.1 28.0 73.8 0.7 4.0 4.7 2.2 1.3 0.4 2.2 0.9 8.2
2021-22 OKAY 61 20 40.8 28.9 70.0 1.2 4.0 5.2 2.2 1.4 0.6 1.5 0.6 7.6
2022-23 OKAY 34 21 43.4 36.5 62.9 1.3 3.4 4.7 1.9 1.7 0.6 1.3 1.3 8.1
Total 140 22 38.9 30.1 69.3 1.1 3.9 4.9 2.1 1.5 0.6 1.7 0.9 7.9

How to read the stats? MJ = matches played; Min = Minutes; Shots = Successful shots / Attempted shots; 3pts = 3-points / 3-points attempted; LF = free throws made / free throws attempted; Off = offensive rebound; Def=defensive rebound; Tot = Total rebounds; Pd = assists; Fte: Personal fouls; Int = Intercepts; Bp = Lost balls; Ct: Against; Pts = Points.

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