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Matas Buzelis enters the Draft

Without surprise, Matas Buzelis (2m08, 19 years old) chose to register in the Draft. The Chicago native is regularly cited in the Top 5 mock drafts, and he was eager to prove his value and qualities to NBA scouts. Even to the point of wanting to challenge Zaccharie Risacher one-on-one.

Jokes aside, the Lithuanian is a complete and aggressive winger, and he is coming off a season 14.1 points and 6.6 rebounds average with Team Ignite. He will also be the last star since the team will disappear at the end of the season.

Norris Cole as Mentor

Aged 19, Buzelis had missed the first three months of competition due to ankle sprains, and he remembered everyone fondly during All-Star Weekend with the winning basket during the semi-final of the Rising Stars Challenge.

When we met him at All-Star Weekend, he told us that Norris Cole had taken him under his wing to prepare him as best as possible for the NBA. “Norris is like a big brother to me. He helps me a lot, he talks to me a lot on and off the pitch. He's had a front-row seat in the NBA and he gives me a lot of advice. For example, I'm 2m08, I can score but I don't need to shoot from distance all the time. He tells me all the time to attack the circle. Defensively, it's the details, the little things, the “tips” that help a lot. And since he is a playmaker, he also helps me a lot in my reading of the defense on pick & roll”

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