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Jayson Tatum: ‘In all modesty, I’m one of the best players in the world’

Year after year, Jayson Tatum confirms that he is the player closest to Kobe Bryant. Able to plant 46 points in Game 6 in Milwaukee in 2022, he made one of his best imitations tonight by planting 16 of his 19 points in the 4th quarter of Game 6 on the Philadelphia floor. But as Kobe Bryant could do, he had forced and watered for three quarters (1 out of 14 on shots!), Before finding the address and the flaw in the home stretch.

“In all modesty, I am one of the best players in the world” he confides after the meeting. “We go through difficulties, we go through crises… But a match is long, and fortunately, I have great teammates to hold on. They all believe in months. They said to me, ‘Keep finding good positions. It will fall from within. Keep impacting the game in other ways.’ And all that matters is that we won the game. We’ve given ourselves another chance, and we’re coming home for Game 7.”

The only American in the First All-NBA Team

This ability to keep his head up and maintain confidence despite his 1 of 14 on shots is what makes the difference among very great players. It was Kobe’s strength, but also other monsters in the game.

“I really believe in it and I know it” he continues. “It’s easy to say you’re one of the best when you score 35 or 40 points, but I think it’s a proof of character when you can say it to yourself when you’ve only put in one shot. Things don’t go your way, but you stay the same, with the same mind, the same character, whether it goes well or not. I just kept believing in myself until things went my way. »

Upon arrival, the Celtics won, and Jayson Tatum finished the game with 19 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. That’s far less flamboyant and impressive than his 46 Game 6 points at Milwaukee in 2022, but the result is the same: Boston will play a Game 7 at home on Sunday.

“I don’t want to go through shit like that again…hope it only happens once” he warns anyway. “I hope I’ll start the next match better… But if I have to go through that, I’ll accept it. Sunday is obviously going to be a great game, a Game 7 and I can’t wait to get back there and kind of redeem ourselves in front of our home crowd. I can’t wait to see them. The room will vibrate. Everyone needs to be there, everyone needs to be full of energy. Because we will need it. And I know they will bring it. We have the best fans in the world”.

Jayson Tatum Percentage Bounces
Season Crew GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2017-18 BOS 80 31 47.5 43.4 82.6 0.6 4.4 5.0 1.6 2.1 1.0 1.4 0.7 13.9
2018-19 BOS 79 31 45.0 37.3 85.5 0.9 5.2 6.0 2.1 2.1 1.1 1.5 0.7 15.7
2019-20 BOS 66 34 45.0 40.3 81.2 1.0 6.0 7.0 3.0 2.1 1.4 2.4 0.9 23.4
2020-21 BOS 64 36 45.9 38.6 86.8 0.8 6.6 7.4 4.3 1.9 1.2 2.7 0.5 26.4
2021-22 BOS 76 36 45.3 35.3 85.3 1.1 6.9 8.0 4.4 2.3 1.0 2.9 0.6 26.9
2022-23 BOS 74 37 46.6 35.0 85.4 1.1 7.7 8.8 4.6 2.2 1.1 2.9 0.7 30.1
Total 439 34 45.8 37.5 84.7 0.9 6.1 7.0 3.3 2.1 1.1 2.3 0.7 22.5

How to read the stats? MJ = matches played; Min = Minutes; Shots = Shots made / Shots attempted; 3pts = 3-points / 3-points attempted; LF = free throws made / free throws attempted; Off = offensive rebound; Def= defensive rebound; Tot = Total bounces; Pd = assists; Fte: Personal fouls; Int = Intercepts; Bp = Lost bullets; Ct: Counters; Points = Points.

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