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Happy Birthday | Hakeem Olajuwon’s Career Top 10 | NBA

However, half a century later, the one we nicknamed “The Dream” conquered the NBA. The one who will then become Hakeem began his work at the University of Houston then, as a symbol, it is with the Rockets that he will enter into legend.

Selected by the Texans with the first choice in 1984 (ahead of Michael Jordan…), he will stay 17 seasons in his city and bring him the only two titles in its history (1994 and 1995), winning an MVP title in the process.

To read: the portrait of Hakeem Olajuwon

The pivot’s class and golden hands delighted the NBA of the 90s. Today, he is still the best blocker in league history, and the franchise’s leading scorer in Houston. A track record that he completes with 12 All-Star Game selections, and six All-NBA First Teams.

For his 59th birthday, here is his career Top 10 concocted by the NBA.

As well as the superb mix “The Dream”.

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