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Frank Vogel already fired?

Since this summer, and the arrival of Bradley Beal, we suspected that the Suns had chosen a shaky path. Their elimination against Wolves, after a humiliating sweep, confirms that the new management had made a big mistake. And the worst part is that they haven't finished dragging this choice around like a ball since Devin Booker, Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal are under contract at least until 2026, and their astronomical salaries block any room for improvement. maneuver!

But before thinking about “free agency”, we must already look at the coach and depending on The Athletic, Frank Vogel should not survive this sweep. Our colleagues report that the former Lakers coach has lost his locker room for several weeks. To the point that his rants no longer had any effect.

Under contract until 2028!

Difficult in these conditions to imagine him staying, even if management is not 100% certain of firing him. What is certain is that at the very least, the staff will evolve. And it was also expected since Kevin Young, Vogel's right-hand man, left for the NCAA.

The real problem is the cost. Vogel signed for five years with a salary of around six million dollars per year! Which means if he gets cut, he could walk away with a nice check for around $25 million. A year ago, owner Matt Ishbia had already dropped $21 million to part ways with Monty Williams.

But is that a problem when you're a billionaire?

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