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Draft 2022: the French are popular | NBA

The latest edition of the Mock Draft ESPN has just been released, and the least we can say is that our French players are popular.

Behind the inevitable Chet Holmgren (Gonzaga), Paolo Banchero (Duke) and the cohort of Jalen (Duren), Jaden (Ivey, Hardey) and Jabari (Smith), and before the revolution Victor Wembanyama who will have to wait, we find no less than four French players who flirt with the first round of Draft.

Ousmane Dieng, the prospect

In the first place, it is the prospect Ousmane Dieng who appears in 18th position, 18 like his age. A racy winger of 2m08 who can create play as well as put himself at the end of the chain at the finish, that would be a choice purely made on the pure potential of the boy. Because, for his current performance with the New Zealand Breakers, the former Insep has not yet really made waves. At 4 points and 2 rebounds on average, Dieng has actually remained very discreet, still jostled by the physical aspect of the Australian league.

Hugo Besson, the sniper

Quite the opposite of his compatriot and teammate in the NBL, Hugo Besson, who has already achieved several offensive cards since the start of the season. At 18 points and 5 rebounds on average after five games (and zero wins) with the Breakers, Besson is the rising star at the moment, appearing in 24th place in this Mock Draft. At just under 21, the Angevin sniper has less potential, but his quality as a shooter and creator make him an almost “NBA ready” player if he continues at this pace this season.

Ismaël Kamagate, the international

Stalled at the very start of the second round, namely in 32nd position, the pivot of Paris Basket, Ismaël Kamagate is also a little older than some of his comrades, at almost 21 years old. But his performances in the hexagonal elite obviously did not go unnoticed, especially after having been called up as a training partner, then as a full-fledged international during the last FIBA ​​window. Currently at 11 points and more than 5 rebounds on average, including 6 games with more than 12 points on his last 7 outings (including a very good 18 points, 7 rebounds to beat Pau-Lacq-Orthez), Kamagate has a strong chance to land a contract in the Great League next year. Moreover, he shone in front of Brad Stevens.

Moussa Diabaté, the freshman

Finally, the fourth musketeer of this Mock Draft is five picks from Kamagaté, in 37th position. Currently a freshman in Michigan, he will have plenty of time to resume at least for a year, if not more with the Wolverines. But, in the current state of things, Moussa Diabaté can already be satisfied with his breakthrough in the eyes of recruiters. Not necessarily expected at such a party, so early in the season, Diabaté turns to 8 points and 6 rebounds after 10 games with Michigan (including 6 wins). An impressive athlete, both in terms of explosiveness and speed of movement, the interior freshman is already a favorite of the public with his spectacular and energetic game.


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