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Derrick White, one of Gregg Popovich's greatest pride

On Sunday evening, the San Antonio audience gave the warmest welcome to Derrick White. Today at the Celtics where he is having the best season of his career, the former Spurs fullback has left only good memories in Texas. Chosen at the end of the first round, the former Colorado fullback rose through the ranks one by one, from the G-League to Team USA, to today become one of the best “two-way players” in the NBA.

“I couldn't be more proud of a player… » coward Gregg Popovich. “The first time he arrived, I don’t think he imagined himself in the NBA. I've watched him develop over the years, starting in the G-League, playing with us, then becoming a starter for us, before taking other steps in Boston. It's simply thrilling to watch. »

And then, Coach Pop' insists on the personality of his former rear. He is a cream in a group, and his contribution goes beyond the field.

“He’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. His confidence soared. It's a process. He’s been in the league for six or seven years now. I don't really know anymore. But it's a beautiful story. He started at the bottom, believed in himself and put in the work to get where he is today. I'm delighted for him. »

Derrick White did not suspect his own qualities

Transferred in February 2022 to the Celtics, against Romeo Langford, Josh Richardson and Draft choices, Derrick White immediately blended into the Boston collective. First as a 6th man, then now as a starter!

“It’s just about gaining confidence, and he does,” continues Gregg Popovich. “And then there’s the playing time, the support, and making him play. We had to make sure he knew he was on the right track all the time and doing well. He had a natural affinity and understanding of the game, a gaming intelligence that he himself did not suspect. He's a good passer, for example. It was visible straight away. But he didn't even see himself in that light. He was too humble at first. Now he understands.”

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