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Alexandre Sarr, Bronny James and Zaccharie Risacher invited to the Draft Combine

The NBA sent invitations to 78 players for the Draft Combine which will be held from May 12 to 19, at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. For the first time, all invited players will be required to attend and participate in the gathering or they will not be eligible for drafting. There are, however, exceptions for players abroad who, like Zacharie Risachercould still be in contention in their respective championships.

Besides Zacharie Risacher, we therefore find Alexandre SarrNikola Topic, but also Bronny JamesDonovan Clingan, Matas Buzelis and Stephon Castle.

The Draft Combine includes medical tests, communication of medical history, biomechanical and functional examinations, as well as measurement tests, physical tests, etc. Players are not obliged to participate in 5-on-5 and other training exercises. this guy. On the other hand, they must take part in shooting exercises.

Alexandre Sarr takes first place

The NBA announced that it had defined a Top 10 “prospects”. An important classification for sharing players' medical and physical data. Thus, it is the Frenchman Alexandre Sarr who is considered number 1, and only the teams which choose between 1st and 10th places will have access to his complete file.

Matas Buzelis (G-League Ignite), Stephon Castle (UConn), Donovan Clingan (UConn), Zaccharie Risacher (JL Bourg) and Nikola Topic (Red Star Belgrade) are placed in the second group, from 2nd to 6th place, and their files will be communicated to the teams who will select between 1st and 15th places.

Rob Dillingham (Kentucky), Ron Holland (G-League Ignite), Dalton Knecht (Tennessee) and Reed Sheppard (Kentucky) form the group of players ranked between the 7th and 10th places, and their files will be accessible to the teams which will select between the 1st and 25th places.

On May 12, the start date of the Draft Combine, the “lottery” will take place to define the order of choices for the 2024 Draft, which will take place on June 26 and 27 in New York. For the first time, the Draft will take place over two days.

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