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David Fizdale ultimately remains an assistant with the Suns

While it was rumored that the Suns did not want to keep any of Frank Vogel's assistants, David Fizdale seemed to promise him a slightly different treatment, the franchise wishing to have him join the offices.

A role he had occupied at Utah, as assistant GM, before quickly returning to the benches of the league.

But the former assistant to Mike Woodson with the Hawks (2004-2008) then to Erik Spoelstra with the Heat (2008-2016) no longer wanted to leave the field, and ESPN now announces that he will ultimately remain in the “coaching staff” of Mike Budenholzer, the team’s new coach, in an “important” role.

This does not mean that he will be the right arm of the former Atlanta and Milwaukee coach, but he will not be a simple advisor, relegated to a somewhat ghost position either.

David Fizdale therefore saved his place as assistant in Phoenix, while he has had a series of unfortunate experiences for several seasons, whether as head coach in Memphis and New York, or as an assistant.

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