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Coaches of the month: the big premiere of Chris Finch and Jamahl Mosley

The NBA finishes its distribution of trophies with the Coaches of the month. Unsurprisingly, in the West, it is Chris Finch who takes the lead for the first time of his career, while the Wolves are leaders of the conference.

With 15 wins for 4 losses, Rudy Gobert's squad is the best defense in the league, which allows the former Rockets and Pelicans assistant to be preferred to Mark Daigneault (Oklahoma City), Jason Kidd (Dallas) , Michael Malone (Denver) and Ime Udoka (Houston).

In the East, it is also a first with the highlighting of Jamahl Mosleyof which the Magic is a surprising 2nd, with 14 victories for 6 defeats.

He is ahead of JB Bickerstaff (Cleveland), Rick Carlisle (Indiana), Joe Mazzulla (Boston) and Nick Nurse (Philadelphia).

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