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Before the big reunion, the Jazz reacts to the words of Donovan Mitchell

After crossing Rudy Gobert twice, the Jazz finds Donovan Mitchell this Monday evening. It’s in Cleveland for this first reunion, and it comes a few days after the declarations of the All-Star rear. On December 2, Mitchell explained his pleasure in playing for the Cavaliers: “ This is not a tackle to my guys in Utah, I don’t want my post to be misinterpreted, especially on my Twitter. But I’m having fun again and it feels good. »

Even if he had made it clear that it was not an attack on his former teammates, what do they think?

“I don’t interpret it negatively at all. I think when you are successful, when you have your best season in your career and you play well, you have fun. reacts Mike Conley. “I’m sure he enjoyed it just as much when we were playing really well, as we all did. You know, we’re all having fun right now. I think everyone who has been transferred, who ends up in different places or in the same place, is all having a good time. »

Mitchell ‘needed something new’

Former lining of Mitchell, now holder, Jordan Clarkson has the same story. “I think it’s not an attack on us. Maybe he wasn’t having fun anymore, and maybe he just found a new love, or discovered a different side or view of the game,” Clarkson suggests. “It’s not really, as I said, an attack on us. We had a good time, but we didn’t manage to get what we wanted in terms of the title. Maybe that’s what he’s talking about [concernant] not having fun. But we liked playing together, we liked being on the pitch, playing games. We are all happy [maintenant]. »

Clarkson explains that he is still in contact with his former teammate, and he is closely monitoring the results of his old training.

“I think he’s happy for us…I spoke with him after we won against Golden State. I repeat, this was not an attack on us. He didn’t say he was having fun again, because he wasn’t having fun with us anymore. It was more like, “I needed something new, a new experience.” Whatever it is, he just fell in love with the game, he has a blast playing every night and being competitive. »

Donovan Mitchell Percentage Bounces
Season Team GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2017-18 UTH 79 33 43.7 34.0 80.5 0.7 3.1 3.8 3.7 2.7 1.5 2.7 0.3 20.5
2018-19 UTH 77 34 43.2 36.2 80.6 0.8 3.3 4.1 4.2 2.7 1.4 2.8 0.4 23.8
2019-20 UTH 69 34 44.9 36.6 86.3 0.8 3.6 4.4 4.3 2.5 1.0 2.7 0.2 24.0
2020-21 UTH 53 33 43.8 38.6 84.5 0.9 3.5 4.4 5.2 2.2 1.0 2.8 0.3 26.4
2021-22 UTH 67 34 44.8 35.5 85.3 0.8 3.4 4.2 5.3 2.5 1.5 3.0 0.2 25.9
2022-23 KEY 27 37 50.3 42.4 88.9 0.9 2.9 3.9 4.6 2.6 1.4 3.0 0.4 29.5
Total 371 34 44.6 36.7 83.8 0.8 3.3 4.1 4.5 2.5 1.3 2.8 0.3 24.3

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