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At 18, Alexandre Sarr confirms his enormous potential in Australia

Like Victor Wembanyama last season with Betclic Elite, Alexandre Sarr will force NBA scouts to follow the NBL, the Australian championship, more closely. Like “Wemby”, Olivier’s little brother took advantage of a mini-tour of the Perth Wildcats in the United States to make a name for himself, and since then his rating has skyrocketed to the point of appearing in the Top 5 of “mock draft” for 2024.

Another point in common with Victor Wembanyama, he knows how to do everything on the pitch, and at 18 years old, he should definitely not be held back.

“Whichever NBA team gets him, be careful with him and make sure he succeeds.”says Jordan Usher, one of his NBL teammates. “Don’t tell him not to shoot 3-pointers, don’t stop him from doing anything. Because he is so raw and so talented. For now, he can shoot 3-pointers, he can make a floater, he can dunk, he can counter, he can dribble a little. I don’t want anyone to misuse it.”

“I don’t consider myself a unicorn”

Author of 43 points, 17 rebounds and 12 blocks in two matches against Team Ignite, Alexandre Sarr does not see himself as an extra-terrestrial.

“I don’t consider myself a unicorn, but what’s important to me isbe able to do everything on the pitch he responds to ESPN. “I’m an interior all-rounder. I can play with or without the ball, I can shoot 3-pointers, and rebound. In defense, I can defend in several positions… I always try to make the right move, and play the right way. »

Physically, he is cut out for the NBA with his 2m15 for 98 kilos and a wingspan of 2m28. But what impressed NBA scouts during the American tour was his energy and activity.

“I don’t think age is important”

“I showed my competitiveness and my dynamism”, confirms the Frenchman. “I’ve improved in that area and that’s something I wanted to show. I always had it. I have always been a competitor. It’s a pride for me to go out on the field and prove it.”

After three games in the NBL, a league that has seen Josh Giddey, LaMelo Ball and even Rayan Rupert, Alexandre Sarr is averaging 12 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.3 blocks. All at 71% on shots and 67% on 3-points. And don’t tell him he’s a kid…

“I don’t think age is important,” he replies. “What matters is how we play, how we perform. If you can play, you just have to do it. I don’t see this as something intimidating. I like challenges. I would rather be in this position than be seen as a young person incapable of being productive. »

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