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Anthony Edwards and Mike Conley, a strange nickname for a unique complicity

“Dick Bite.” In English, it sounds better than in French, and it's the nickname thatAnthony Edwards gave to Mike Conley. This is what he revealed at the very start of the season after a victory against the Nuggets. A nickname that the Minnesota leader didn't even know. “I have the same question as you” Conley responded to journalists in early November. “I agree with Uncle, OG and all that stuff. But with Bite Bite, I feel like I’m talking to my children.”

Finally, we had to wait until May 28, and the Wolves' victory in Game 4 to understand the meaning of this nickname. But first, Edwards used it again when asked to analyze Conley's performance (14 pts, 7 wt, 4 ints). “Bite Bite is an old man, and he penetrated, he made lay-ups… So hats off to Bite Bite! He showed up in these clown pants… and he's my PG, he's my OG… He played great tonight and I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks Mike Conley.”

Edwards and Towns, fountains of youth

And so where does this nickname “Bite Bite” come from? “It’s because it looks like he’s ready to bite someone!” » responds Edwards. This makes everyone laugh, and Conley obviously doesn't take it badly. In fact, he thanks Anthony Edwards, but also Karl-Anthony Towns for giving him a second youth.

“They just taught me to embrace the joy of the sport and have fun.” replies Conleywho will be 37 at the start of the school year. “When you've been playing for 17 years, you can get caught up in the routine and get used to that feeling. But they are there, bringing joy. It's like I'm a 15 year old kid going to play in a park or something. Every day there is something new. Every day they teach me something about hip-hop, TV shows, video games, etc. They keep me young, and honestly, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. »

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