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And meanwhile, James Wiseman is patient… | NBA

It is an understatement to say that James Wiseman’s injury drags on. The interior is now the only long-time injured in the Warriors’ infirmary since Klay Thompson’s return to play. As we recently learned that he had to go back to the billiards for an arthroscopy last month, Steve Kerr gave his news.

The Golden State strategist said the sophomore center still hasn’t been allowed to participate in contact training sessions, and that the lack of training sessions at this time of year will not help matters. . A return to the courts is clearly not yet on the agenda.

“We haven’t had practice for about a week. We will not have practice this week. We have a match this Friday and a rest day the next day. I wish I had something new to say, and I know this whole process is frustrating for James, first and foremost.”, did he declare. “It’s a situation that will be difficult to overcome. We still hope that he will soon be authorized for contact training. But at the same time, there hasn’t been an opportunity for that to happen this week.”

Despite this difficult context, Steve Kerr still added that he hoped that James Wiseman could quickly return to competition, and that the player’s morale was still good.

“He’s doing a great job keeping his spirits up and the guys really enjoy being around him. He is also someone who likes to learn. He listens to his veteran teammates and everyone supports him. It is now a question of continuing the rehabilitation, of going to the training room and the weight room. I hope everything will go well “, continued Steve Kerr, who must also deal with the absence of Draymond Green, injured in the calf and absent for at least two more weeks.

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