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Trevor Bauer doesn’t deserve a suspension, says his agent

Just because Trevor Bauer hasn’t played a game since June doesn’t mean he’s not talked about.

Today, it is his agent, Rachel Luba, who is involved in the case. In a Twitter post, she defended her client, who is currently facing sexual assault allegations.

” [Ce que Bauer a fait] only violates the rules if Manfred now regulates what two consenting adults can or cannot do in bed. As a woman, I find it deeply concerning that a middle-aged man can tell a woman who is sleeping with a gamer what kind of sex she can decide to have or not. “

As pointed out Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, this assertion shows a certain disagreement with the MLB, which always holds an active file allowing him to impose a suspension on Bauer. Clearly, she doesn’t think that should be the case.

Shaikin continues in the same vein: this state of mind also means that the chances of seeing the two sides negotiate an amicable agreement are quite slim.

Recall that Trevor Bauer, holder of the Cy Young in the National during the short season in 2020, signed a massive agreement with the Dodgers last year. In 2022, he is due to receive the staggering sum of 45 million US dollars.

If he is suspended, it will not only be a big loss for Los Angeles financially, but also on the ground. And of course, his reputation would be tarnished.

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